traditional cuisine prepared with respect to time-honoured methods

Not just pizzas! At La Gerla Pizzeria in Lerici, in the province of La Spezia, you can sample traditional Ligurian cuisine from the Italian gastronomic tradition. We prepare starters with fish and without, meat main courses and specialities made with the catch of the day, all according to tradition and honouring characteristic flavours, enhancing the taste.   We also usually offer Daily Specials that, like our pizzas, are prepared with seasonal ingredients and are based on the imagination of the chef.   And finally, for those who want to end their experience on a high note… a delicious HOMEMADE DESSERT is what you want!!!!!

In-house Specialities

Come to La Gerla Pizzeria for lunch or dinner in the name of good taste and delicious traditional cuisine.

We prepare excellent starters and first and second courses both with fish and with meat, and homemade desserts, using high quality, seasonal products.

ristorante con cucina tipica ligure Lerici La Spezia ristorante di pesce Lerici La Spezia ristorante con menù di mare Lerici La Spezia

to end on a sweet note!!

Excellent homemade desserts await you

a little taste

  • ravioli al cinghiale

  • lasagne

  • spaghetti ai frutti di mare

  • tagliatelle al ragù

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