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Pizzas for all palates!

At La Gerla Pizzeria in Lerici, in the province of La Spezia, you can enjoy outstanding authentic Italian pizzas, prepared in the traditional method with high-quality fresh ingredients, making room for the appreciation of real flavours.

For the toppings we use seasonal products selected with care, to make every pizza even more flavoursome and delicious.


In particular, we prepare:


-          Signature Pizzas


-          Pizzas of the month


-          Pizzas made to order



-          Family-size pizzas


-          Focaccia breads


-          Calzone pizzas


Claudio Marchini and Monica Russo, the owners of La Gerla Pizzeria, invite you to try the “Maury Gerla Pizza”, winner of the 2006 Classic Pizza World Championship, topped with saffron velouté, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, prawns from the Gulf of La Spezia coated in Colonnata lard, chives and chilli pepper strands.



From our elaborate menu, you can choose from pizzas for all palates, made with original pairings and choice ingredients.


Our chef, Claudio, has a great passion for pizza, and came up with the idea of the “Pizza of the Month”, created especially so that you can sample the authentic and real flavours of fresh, seasonal ingredients.


The farinata and traditional local dishes are also not to be missed, made from our home kitchen, along with our homemade desserts prepared with the same passion and skill.

farinata Lerici La Spezia pasta fatta in casa Lerici La Spezia dolci artigianali Lerici La Spezia

light and easily digestible pizzas

The dough used for the preparation of our pizzas is one of our strengths, because it is thought through in every detail: we prioritize ease of digestion by opting for slow-rise proofing of the dough, and using a careful selection of flours. Beyond the quality of the products and ingredients, for us it is essential that whoever eats our pizzas need not feel heavy after their meal.

The Farinata

In our pizzeria you can also enjoy a delicious farinata, prepared according to the traditional Ligurian recipe, and using only fresh and authentic ingredients. The chickpea farinata is a traditional speciality of Genova, is gluten-free, and prepared with chickpea flour, water, extra-virgin olive oil and salt. It is cooked in a roasting pan, and bakes to a rich golden colour.

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