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At the La Gerla Pizzeria in Lerici, in the province of La Spezia, you can taste a wide variety of classic and traditional pizzas, as well as those that were entered in the last world championships, and pizzas made to order.


And we don’t just make pizzas: you can also try our traditional Ligurian farinata, calzone pizzas, focaccia breads and crostoni (toasted bread with toppings).


For our preparations we have utmost respect for the individual ingredients, we enhance their flavours and aromas with the aim of transforming your dinner into a unique experience, in the pursuit of

taste and quality.

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our pizza

If you want to try a genuine, high quality pizza, La Gerla Pizzeria in Lerici is the right place for you. It is situated in the province of La Spezia, only a stones throw away from the stunning Gulf of La Spezia.

The charming village in which it is located forms the backdrop to the enthusiastic ventures of the two owners, Monica and Claudio, who have run the pizzeria together since 2001. La Gerla is ideal both for large parties and small groups who wish to spend delightful and sociable moments together over lunch or dinner, in the name of delicious traditional cuisine or for a ‘pizzata’, a get-together over pizza.

On our menu there are more than 50 different pizzas: in order to satisfy every palate we take great pleasure in offering, in addition to our CLASSIC PIZZAS, the SPECIALITY PIZZAS which have represented us in the various pizza competitions we have participated in over the years.

In our restaurant you can sample, in particular, the WORLD CHAMPION PIZZA that the owner, Claudio Marchini, won the gold medal for in 2006. There are also calzone pizzas, focaccia breads filled with various ingredients, the pizzone, or extra-large pizza for families to eat all together, served on a large platter, as well as the PIZZA OF THE MONTH, the pizza that changes every month based on which ingredients are seasonal and which combinations we enjoy putting together.

farinata Lerici La Spezia

Our farinata

Speaking of traditional local specialities that you can try in our pizzeria, a special mention must go out to our FARINATA: it is a typical Ligurian dish that we call Fainà, and it’s a savoury pie which is quite flat, prepared with chickpea flour, water, salt and extra-virgin olive oil. The copper tray in which it is cooked, along with the high temperature of the oven, make it unique, fragrant, and an absolute must-try.

At La Gerla Pizzeria you can find a farinata dish for every palate: the small tray is for those who want to eat it alone, or as a starter, and the large tray is for sharing. Just as pizza can be topped with different ingredients, the farinata also lends itself perfectly to various combinations: we offer it with pesto, stracchino soft cheese, onion, sausage and, when available, during fishing season, also with ‘rossetti’ or transparent goby fish, which are tiny fish that are frequently used in Ligurian cooking. 

A little taste: classic pizzas and pizzas of the month

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a little taste: the Farinata

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